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Barbed rope mesh: Rope: categories: straight wire barbed rope, razor barbed rope.
Low carbon steel wire, galvanized plate wire and stainless steel plate wire.
It is made by means of braiding and weaving. It is substantial and artistic. Galvanized, coated, plastic coated, PVC wire. There are blue, green, yellow colors.
It is used in highway, railway, boundary of meadow, jail, garden in cities, isolation guardrail etc.


Razor barbed mesh:
Spiral crossed razor barbed mesh is clamped with force by stainless steel plate and zinc-coated steel slice between two razor barbed mesh. It is in cross shape after spreading. Artistic and functional.
There are many erection mode options to the straight wire razor barbed mesh. It is quick in erection, cost saving, and can function as frightening.
It has advantages of anticorrosion, ageing resistant, temperature resistant etc. by means of electrical galvanized, hot dip.

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